I love to discover and I love to create. The only problem is, I have an interest in so many disparate areas it’s challenging to keep up with it all. Luckily, I have great friends to keep me honest.

about me

I live in Northern California and one of my hobbies is writing. Being the author of http://thehungryox.com, I find myself posting tips about what to do and, the ever popular, what to eat on my travels. It’s something I started back in 2012 while writing with a group in Los Angeles called The Undeniables. An amazing group of writers that put an emphasis on improving your craft by writing everyday. So of course, as the years went by (group formed around 2008) the blog framework was a natural tool and that led me to create a blog catering travelers.

You may have guessed it. I do love to travel.

With the other site dedicated to times I travel, I’m using my own personal site to log what happens in between my travels. That is, how I prepare for my next trip, what equipment I use, my thoughts around the technology used to document things, and who knows, maybe some artwork in the future.

p1160819Historically, I was into the arts from high school into college, University of Maryland at College Park. Go Terps! My mind was all about the creative. I loved it but due to life’s challenges I graduated with a Computer Science degree, three courses shy of finishing my Fine Arts degree. Go figure. The internet was taking off and that was a life changer for just about everyone. So I found myself riding the wave, utilizing some of my arts background to freelance as a web developer before graduation then a software engineer at a startup afterwards. Fast forwards twenty years later, I’m still in tech with a huge thirst for doing something creative. These sites I’ve made, with the writing and photos, only satisfies that craving temporarily. I do need to get myself back into drawing and painting. Something I’m aiming for in 2017. I need to end this perpetual war between my left and right brain. It’s been something that’s been going on for over a decade.

So if you start seeing more creative works on this site, you’ll know the battle’s begun.

Hope you enjoy things in the meantime.

The Travel Blogger

My personal site, this site, used to be the place where I posted travel experiences for my friends. As soon as it became more about food, I decided to move that content off to it’s own site. Because I’m more than just a food blogger right?

Well, that’s what I’ve been telling myself. But it’s been over 5 years now and I’m still posting on http://thehungryox.com.

The Writer

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